Enjolras doesn't care about your lonely soul
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I love how in Rent Mark and Roger hardly react when they meet Angel “oh this drag queen just burst in here and is dancing on tables around our fucking apartment lol nbd”

Combeferre: Enjolras, we've done it! France is free at last!
Enjolras: Excellent! The moment we have been dreaming of has finally come.
Combeferre: The only thing left to do is take care of the aftermath. We need to clear the barricade and take care of any inj-
Enjolras: What?
Combeferre: We need to clear the barricade...
Enjolras: We're keeping the barricade.


everybody in les mis is a huge nerd pass it on


next to normal in tumblr posts.

from ensemble in annie to her most recent role as violet in violet, look how far she’s come.


Buzzfeed stories that the Broadway fandom wishes were real.

by angelihearyou

Jennifer Morrison at the OUAT Premiere - September 21st


theatre kids + tumblr

Accurate depiction of Enjolras “helping” Marius plan his wedding to Cosette. “And I think we’ll put the flowers over ther——” “i don’t give a shit Pontmercy just make them red”

#the bride should be dressed in all black and then when she reaches the end of the aisle she should rip off her cloak to reveal a red dress #THIS SYMBOLISES CASTING OFF THE DARKNESS OF THE MONARCHIAL PAST TO REVEAL A BRIGHT AND GLORIOUS FUTURE WITH YOU!!!! #enjolras i think she’s just gonna wear the white #YOIUR SUBSCRIPTION TO ARCHAIC IDEALS ABOUT COLOUR SYMBOLISM AND PURITY IS UNIMPRESSIVE AND TYRANNICAL PONTMERCY

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Broadway Flea Market is the Comic Con of Theatre Nerds

Dan: Gabe... Gabriel...
Gabe: ...Hi dad...
Me: *violently sobs*


relationship goals


Playbill Giveaway!

I am finally doing my playbill giveaway (and some extras) which is also my really really late 1,000 follower giveaway like 300 followers late oops  thank you all for dealing with me and sticking around I love all y’all :)


  1. please be following me (i’ll check)
  2. no giveaway blogs please!
  3. only reblogs count! you can like to bookmark but it wont count!
  4. reblog as much as you want but please don’t spam your followers 
  5. I will use a picking using a random generator 
  6. you must be willing to give me your address (I will ship anywhere!)
  7. have your ask box open so I can contact you and if you don’t respond within 24 hours I will pick someone else!

What the winners will get: 

Each winner will get an if/then and a gentlemans guide playbill, and a note from me confessing my love for you (the first two winners will get the postcards but the rest will just get cute stationary!)

In addition:

1st winner: Heathers playbill (Charissa Hogeland as veronica and Dave Thomas Brown as JD), Violet playbill, Catch me if you can sticker, special postcard

2nd winner: Finding Neverland playbill (Jeremy Jordan as J.M Barrie), Les Mis sticker, special postcard

3rd winner: Heathers playbill, Les Mis sticker

4th winner: Bullets over Broadway playbill which I didn’t see I just found it oops

5th winner: Heathers playbill

I think that’s all! My ask box is open if you have any questions, please do not delete this comment that would be silly!

Good Luck and thank you so much for following me!

Ends: October 1st, 2014