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hear me out though,

e x r if i stay au where enjolras plays the cello and grantaire is in a punk rock band and grantaire falls for him after walking past the music room and seeing enjolras play and of course enjolras is stubborn at first but eventually the relationship begins to blossom and…


Just doodling sweaty blushy boys


art history meme | 5/9 paintings: La Liberté guidant le peuple (Liberty Leading the People) by Eugène Delacroix (1830)

This scene, it tells us, took place on July 28 1830. On that day, the people changed history in Paris. Students rang the great bell of Notre Dame, work stopped altogether and people fired at soldiers from windows high over narrow streets.

Crowds built up, shouting: “Down with the king!” By late afternoon, royal troops were making a last stand in the Tuileries while Charles X dined outside the city. The Bourbon king had alienated natural supporters as well as radicals with ultra-conservative policies, and the outcome of the July revolution was cautious reform;

the liberal Duc d’Orléans was persuaded to take the crown, hailed by the statesman Lafayette as in himself “the best of republics”. Delacroix’s political masterpiece does not depict the peaceful and eminently reasonable, not to say bourgeois, outcome of the 1830 Paris uprising but its moment of anarchic freedom, when anything seemed possible.

It is the most enduring image of what revolution feels like, from within: ecstatic, violent, libidinal and murderous.

Valjean: After I suffered 19 years at Toulon, a sentence totally disproportionate to my crime...
Sweeney: After I suffered 15 years in Australia, a sentence given despite my never committing a crime...
Valjean: I thought I'd lost all faith in humanity.
Sweeney: I thought I'd lost all faith in humanity.
Valjean: And just when it seemed like I could finally start anew...
Sweeney: And just when it seemed like I could finally fulfill my goals...
Valjean: I was thrown into emotional turmoil at the world's kindness.
Sweeney: I was thrown into emotional turmoil at the world's bad timing.
Valjean: Now I'm hit by an epiphany.
Sweeney: Now I'm hit by an epiphany.
Valjean: I have to become a better person.
Sweeney: I have to kill motherfucking EVERYONE.


A matter of hours now until holiday! Unrelated, I’ll leave you with and ..



One dead Enjolras // Many Dead Enjolrai

With a bonus dead-Aaron-jolras

from left to right: David Burt, Jason Forbach, Anton Zetterholm, Ramin Karimloo, Jon Robyns, Kyle Scatliffe, Chris Jacobsen, Liam Tamne, David Thaxton, Christopher Howard


Yes, I realize these are only of the sign. I just wanted to share a little something and it will work on those videos when I get home.

    Enjolras was bammin’ slammin’ bootylicious.
— Victor Hugo, Volume III, Book IV, Chapter I (via excessively-irish-courfeyrac)


Some pictures from today!

did you see them lying side by side?



The casts of Wicked, Rocky Horror, Les Misérables and the King and I making musical history in Melbourne, Australia with four musicals showing at once.

I think those are the 4 most diverse shows you could put on

Musical Theatre Female Character Meme (Day 5)

→ a female platonic relationship: glinda and elphaba in wicked

He spoke softly, bowed his head, lowered his eyes, smiled with embarrassment, dressed badly, had an awkward air, blushed at a mere nothing, and was very timid. Y e t   h e   w a s   i n t r e p i d .


the les mis fandom actually terrifies me because its been around for like 300 years in some form and every so often a movie happens and it rises like a sea serpent from the ocean, swallows two of my dearest friends and retreats beneath the waves for another few centuries